Mystery Pond

Simone and I went to Cadette-Camp-a-Rama (Girl Scout Camp) this past weekend!

While Simone was off with her friend being independent, I assisted at the Mystery Pond!

What’s Mystery Pond?

It’s a very healthy pond that the girls get to explore using nets and scoops!

*I know it looks like poison ivy at the bottom of that picture – but it is fragrant sumac… I learned how to tell the difference πŸ™‚
Cool findings at the pond-

🐸 frogs and tadpoles

Leeches (notice the eggs on the underside of one of the leeches!)



Dragonfly larva

You can see the Professor opening its mouth pinchers… such a cool trick!



Water scorpion πŸ¦‚- no it’s not poisonous!


Egg sack! We don’t know what little critters will hatch out of here- but… I’m sure they will be small and creepy 😳!

Horse hair worms!

Duckweed… it looks like pond scum but- it’s actually the WORLD’s smaller flowering plant! It only has two tiny leaves and it has an itty bitty white flower!


I also learned the difference between red oak trees and white oak tress! Red oak have spikes at the end of their leaf tips and white oaks are rounded!

The best part of the day was that my home-made bug-repellent worked!!!

It’s just coconut oil, beeswax, and a lot of lemon eucalyptus oil!

I totally recommend you making your own… and then go find a pond to explore!

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  1. What a wonderful experience. I just something too. Thank you for sharing! I will have to see if I can find the oil…😊


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