Wild birthday fun!

We drove to KY for my niece’s wild birthday party… Little House on the Prairie style!

It was great to meet up with several of my sisters and their families!

For the occasion I made my sister and her four kids blue bonnets… 

Birthday Party Activities:

Foraging in the backyard

I took the kids around the backyard while we looked for edible weeds!

Wood Sorrel

White Clover Flowers


Wild strawberries (snakeberries)


We found an OWL PELLET! with small red cardinal feathers in it!

We walked to the farmers market…

They got to run alongside a train 🚂 

We went to an old used bookstore where I found some amazing nature books!

Eli caught his first Pokémon 😝!

We milked cows!

Made butter

Embroidery Sewing

Corn Husk Dolls

Shelly the turtle became an honory guest after he was found wandering the backyard… he rested comfortably in the shade for a bit before being released!

I love my family ❤️ and am so glad we could make the trip for this fabulous party!! 🎉 

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful party! Glad you were able to go. Love the simulated cows.

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