Our great libraries and How Simone earned a new Chromebook 

The Saint Louis County Public Library is amazing!

Last year, I would NEVER had said that! I was carrying around an unbelievably large debt on my expired card from when the kids where babies- 10 years ago!! 

I had been unable to handle returning books in a timely matter-  overdue fines added up quickly!

I had heard great things about the library- but the shame of my fine kept me away!

Until one day I grew brave!

I went to library and explained my problem! I ended up paying for 2 lost books (about $15) and the overdue fines were forgiven!  That kind librarian opened up a world of opportunities for my family!

1. Audiobooks on the kindle

My kids admittingly listen to more books then they read! But they fly through their stories and they LOVE it! 

  Simone can listen while at her brother’s baseball games… or when she is doing chores LOL!

Eli is a beginner reader, but he can listen to chapter books rich in language which will ultimately make him a better reader! Andre and Eddie like to listen to books while they clean or when they fall asleep! Long car trips are MUCH quieter when they are all lost in a fantasy world!

2. E-books don’t get lost or torn up 

One of my boys in particular is notorious for losing his chapter books or having it fall apart before he is done reading it! If the book is read on the kindle – it’s easy to keep track of!

3. There are NO fines for ebooks or audiobooks!

Ebooks and audiobooks are automatically returned to the library when they are due so there is NEVER a fine!

4. There are no fines on children’s books!! Seriously! What a blessing to parents! 

5. There are so many learning experiences at the library!

Chip tasting 


Stop Motion Class

6. My favorite upcoming program – Tales &Trails… you read nature books on a hiking trail to win a prize! 

7. And Simone’s favorite- a coding class and a free Chromebook!

Simone went to and hour and a half coding class for eight weeks!

And last night, she received a certificate and a Chromebook!

I’ve been asked about future classes- and I don’t know 🤔! But if you live in Saint Louis – call and ask 314-994-3300!

8. Summer reading program! We have never done the reading program before- but we are looking forward to tracking books read! Even I’m going to do it to earn some prizes 😊!

9. There is a thick book of summer activities at all the libraries! 

So many things to do this summer… we can alternate between being WILD outside (in the heat) and going to library activities (in air conditioning)! 😆


  1. The library is wonderful. I’ve been a fan for as long as I can remember. My Mom used to take us every week. She still goes every week, and I’ve been taking #1 Grandson once a week for 2 yrs for Story Stay and Play time. He loves it, and we check out 8-10 books a week.
    We’re enrolled in a program called Read 1000 books before Kindergarten.
    I was good about filling it when we first started, but I’ve grown lazy and haven’t written in the books we’ve read in months. He was over 500 when I stopped writing them down. I’m sure he’ll make the goal, but he may not get the crayon prize if I don’t catch up writing them in. 😦


  2. Congratulations Simone on finishing the course and winning the ChromeBook! Woot!!


  3. So glad that they forgave your fines and you are now able to enjoy the library. It is awesome that they do not have late fees for children’s books anymore. That is a blessing. Congratulations to Simone! What a wonderful achievement!

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