Making Bee Baths

What’s a bee bath 🐝?

It’s a miniature version of a bird bath but  its small with rocks in it to prevent drowning!!

Why a bee bath 🐝?

So bees – our fabulous pollinators- can safely get a drink of clean water πŸ’¦!

We took a class at Mo Dept  of Conservation were we learned all about the different kinds of bees in MO and IL!! 🐝 

  • Did you know squash bees will sleep in a squash blossom! How cute is that!! 
  • Bumble bees seems aggressive, but they are just checking you out to make sure your not another male bee… and since your not… no worries!!
  • Only female bees can sting!!

After we our class- we got to make our own bee bath! It’s easy- you can make one too for your garden!

  • Terra-cotta pot and water dish
  • Patio paint 🎨 paintbrushes 
  • Rocks
  • Gorilla glue 

Paint a design on your pot! The pot will be upside down- so paint the design with the bottom side up!!

The water dish gets glued to the upside down pot! The rocks are also glued down to keep them in place!

Finished pots…

Add water and put outside!

and don’t scream when you see a bee!!


  1. I love these! What a wonderful project!


  2. That is a great project and you all did a wonderful job.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. We are going to make one. THANKS!

    Liked by 1 person

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