Sewing prairie hats 

Prairie hats and aprons are a huge deal when playing house outside!

They are also a necessity when camping in covered wagons… which is exactly what Simone’s Girl Scout troop will be doing in a few months!

So… some sewing savvy moms (aka Girl Scout moms) and I got together to teach ourselves how to sew prairie hats for all 26 girls!

9 hats were made that day!

Aren’t they stinkin’ adorable!

Yesterday, while the kids jumped on our new trampoline…

I successfully made two prairie hats- by myself! 😊

I’m addicted to sewing these hats now! 

Once the Girl Scout hats are done, I want to make them for every little girl I know!! 😆

Most importantly, I’m going to make Simone and I matching hats… and wear them together out in the wild 😍


  1. Years ago my daughter had to have one of these for a church play or something. Some very talented mothers made the girls their hats. I still have that hat somewhere I think.
    Yours are adorable! Well done!! ^5!

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  2. Love them, thanks for sharing.

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  3. Joy

    So precious! These really take me back! When I was a little girl, my mom made some like this for my 2 older sisters and myself. We dressed up like the Ingals girls for a costume party (we won for most original)

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