Collecting Marigold Seeds

It’s a beautiful February day!!!We are all doing yard work and just enjoying the day… even Clover!

Since we can’t plant anything in the garden (it is only February!) we decided to collect seeds for the spring!

In the summer, Simone had some gorgeous marigolds growing by her camper playhouse! Now, they are dead flowers…

… However dead plants mean seeds!! 😊

Simone is busy collecting Marigold seeds for the spring!


  1. I love to collect seeds for the next year. Marigolds are so prolific….lots and lots of seeds. Glad you had a warm day for working outside.

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  2. Hmmm…I just had a profound thought. If “dead flowers mean seeds,” then nothing is really ever dead.

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  3. I love this post! It brought back a memory of a guinea pig we used to have named Clover (also all black fur) and a shadow box I made one year for my mom involving all the stages of the marigold (I put the cool looking seeds in one small bottle, the pretty yellow/orange dried flower petals in another and maybe the fluffy stuff in another? it’s been awhile…then I cross-stitched a marigold and put it in a tiny twig hoop I found). I remember being so charmed by the all the beautiful stages of a marigold flower when I planted my first bed of them.

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    • What a beautiful memory! Thank you for sharing 😊! I can just imagine your adorable guinea pig named Clover!! You have Simone and I so many ideas Marigold themed ideas! I think it would be lovely to save seeds from her childhood and plant them when she is older! 🌺


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