Homeschool Story-time

As I mentioned in my previous post Dangerous Boys, when there is a void in your life, sometimes you need to fill it yourself!

Our void… there was no age appropriate story time for my children.

We went to a wonderful, fabulous, magnificent story-time at our library for about 8 years and had the same story teller/ bookreader, Ms. Beth!  Even as the kids grew older, she tapered the story-time to fit their age.  But, unfortunately, the library changed and my kids were too old to participate.

However, I was inspired by librarian Beth and with the help of some wonderful moms at my church, I created a Homeschool Room and started a family story-time.

Gingerbread themed books and crafts


Kids playing together


Well – today we built a fort and read books inside it!

The kids helped bring every blanket we owned to the church gymnasium, along with old couch cushions, pillows, and giant stuffies!

We built the fort using four tables – leaving a hole in the middle for parents and babies.

Everyone was cozy as I read an assortment of books aloud!

The church has a large gym, with toys, that the kids get to run around and play with.

Simone, Eddie, and Andre like to rollerblade!

Since today was February 1st, my friend Jayme brought supplies to make calendars.  The kids decorated them with fingerprint hearts!

Our other activity was making heart shaped bird feeders with cheerios and pipe cleaners!

I love that my kids now belong to a story-time!


There is something special about curling up together in a cozy setting with the sole purpose of listening to books being read aloud.




  1. This reminded me of something another blogger I follow wrote today. She is legally blind and wrote: “…life doesn’t stop when we reach a roadblock. We just find another route.” When the library quit offering something for your kids, you didn’t just throw up your hands, you found another way to give them that important story time. It looks like everyone had a great time!!!

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    • I like that blogger’s analogy! I’m an introvert by nature, but my kids motivate me to do things I typically would be too afraid to do! And we really do have a great time and it’s nice to talk to other moms while the kids play!

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  2. natalieshoemaker

    What a great idea!

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  3. Love it! Older kids deserve story time too!

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  4. Looks so fun! and the kid’s faces show it all. I wish we could join your story time although I am sure I would be running around chasing…;)))

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  5. This is wonderful Amie!! I wish we lived closer to participate.

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  6. Ingenious! Awesome job taking matters into your own hands and using the resources at hand; your kids will look back on these memories you created for them with fondness πŸ™‚ inspiring as usual!

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