Why gigantic sticks are important

Finding a strong giant stick is very important!  

They’re useful in so many ways…

1.They help you walk, and they make you feel like a warrior!

2. Large sticks help you practice for battle!  



3. Extra long sticks come in handy after you have cleaned up after your dog!

4. Sticks are the perfect tools for exploring lakes and breaking glass…


…and for picking up dead fish!

5. Sticks also help you keep your balance while walking across a balance beam over a frozen lake!


But if you do not happen to have a stick… you freak your mom out wearing just a pair of gloves!


  1. The joys!

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  2. Great uses for sticks. Love that you are able to get back outside and enjoy the wild side.

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  3. natalieshoemaker

    Excellent. I chuckled at the no sticks and gloves and fish part πŸ™‚

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