Little Creek Nature Area… And how Simone saved the day

I am so excited that Little Nature Creek shared this post today on their Facebook Page! It’s exciting to know that our experience might encourage others to get into the WILD outdoors!!
I can’t believe this was a year ago!! I can’t wait to go back here!

Becoming a Wild Family

So… I’ve driven past this place thousands of times… But I admit, I was too scared to stop! (The fear of new places, being shy, and social anxiety prevented me from driving up and parking)

But when I heard I could start at a park, hike through trails and end up at the nature reserve… I decided that didn’t sound too scary!

After hiking through the trails we ended up seeing a red barn with sheep! So naturally we approached them and started speaking sheep- “bass baaa”!

While we were looking at the sheep, I met a man that worked their and I struck up a conversation. And guess what… He was nice, I had nothing to fear after all!

So, the school district owns the nature area and the 90 acres we had just hiked through. The school uses it to host field trips (way cool)! And it’s open…

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