Dangerous Boys 

Since the beginning of the school year, I’ve been co-leading a boy’s group dubbed The Dangerous Boys. 

My partner in crime, Heather, and I decided to start a homeschooler’s boy’s club so our boys could have a group to belong to.  We meet twice a month and try to learn things, make things, and have fun together. We find ideas using “The Dangerous Book for Boys”.

A few activities we have enjoyed together: fishing, making paper boats and airplanes, playing sports, building with Legos, preparing snacks, and just having a good time being together!

(The boys like to give me a hard time that I make them follow rules and be safe… which, they say, contradicts our group name! I remind them that riding a bike could be dangerous, but wearing a helmet makes them safe!)


Due to illnesses within families, there were just a few boys at today’s meeting… so we postpone  our regularly scheduled meeting (sword making and knife safety!) And went on a winter walk! ❄️ 

Curious boys! They had to look in every nook and cranny- hoping to find a wild animal! LOL nothing was found- but they sure had fun looking!

A giant hawk did give us the pleasure of flying RIGHT over our heads! It’s wingspan was a marvel to see up close 😳

I know it looks like just a speck in the sky- he wouldn’t pose for a picture! But he circled our heads a few times before calling out and flying away!

The boys had great fun jumping over the creek…

I love Eddie’s surprise about actually making his daredevil jump!

After our walk, we had hot chocolate while listening to a lesson about Tornados (thanks Sheri!) ⛈ 

My favorite kind of tornado… is a sharknado! 😆


I want to say what a joy this group has been! I love working with Heather and the other moms! I love being around such positive boy energy! I love how much my boys appreciate belonging to a club- they ask me all the time when the next meeting is! 

Remember- if there is a void, who better to fill it then you?!

 I was petrified at first, now I look forward to it! 

Stepping out of the comfort zone isn’t easy, but the benifits can be extraordinary! 



  1. David soooooo looks forward to Dangerous Boys, and you are spot on about boy energy and being out of our comfort zones….did you hear the discussion on the treatment for jellyfish stings today? Definitely a guy-thing.

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  2. Awww…looks like a lot of fun, even on a cold and overcast day😬

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  3. Sounds like a great group of boys and a wonderful day! BTW, my favorite kind of tornado is a sharknado too. 😉


  4. Beth

    I love this!!!!



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