Haircuts, cooking, homemade lotion, and kombucha tea!

We started the day off, yesterday, with a cooking craft. 

We used mini Halloween cookie cutters to make festive sweet potato fries. We sprinkled brown sugar and pumpkin pie spice on them and put them in the oven for 5 minutes… 

So delicious!!

Then… the boys’ wild hair was tamed! 

They look so handsome! I can see the sweet little faces 😍.

My friend that cut their hair taught me all about kombucha tea!

She gave me a scoby so I can make my own!


What is that? You ask!

A scoby is “symbiotic ‘colony’ of bacteria and yeast” and it ferments the tea.

I brewed 2 gallons of black tea and sweetened it with two cups of raw sugar. After the tea became room temperature I poured it into a glass jar, dropped the scoby into it, and covered it with a cloth.

Now, I just wait a week before drinking!

I was so motivated from preparing the kombucha tea, that I made 10 different lotions!

I heated up some coconut oil with joba oil and avacodo oil. I poured the mixed oil into little canisters and added essential oils. From patchouli to Christmas Spirit to geranium oil… I’ve got plenty of variety!


  1. Your lotions sound lovely!

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  2. This reminds me of a “yeast mixture” that a few of my friends used to share for bread baking. Made the experience special because of the connections to each home. πŸ€—

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