Knife throwing and soap making!

We drove an hour and a half for a field trip… And it was worth every mile! (Even with two of my kids getting carsick! 😷)

We went to the historical Bolduc House in Saint Genevieve, Missouri! The house dates back to the 1700’s when the area was settled by the French!

(Wouldn’t you know- I only got a picture of the back of the house LOL) 

One interesting fact about the house is that the logs are vertical versus horizontal! (The opposite of Lincoln Logs)

We were given a quick tour of the home… 

… and then led outside for some learning fun!


The soap teacher explained in great details and actions how soap used to be made versus how it is made today! She even brought her goats… Since she likes to make soap with goats milk!

The kids even received a sample of the soap!

Knife, Hatchet, and Axe throwing

It almost goes without saying… This was the kids’ favorite part!

(We now have plans to make a target and start throwing our own knives and hatchets! πŸ”ͺ)

Some videos…

My personal favorite of the day…when a caterpillar was in Simone’s hair 😍


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