Pint-Sized Predators!!

We went to a class about praying mantis and dragonflies at Powder Valley Conservation Department.

First there was a a class discussion about their life cycles ( both types of insects go through an incomplete metamorphosis).

The kids then got to get hands on with some plastic models…

… and an actual praying mantis!

Everyone then played some role playing games!
First, they got to be camouflaged praying mantis pouncing on an insect!

Then they got to be dragonflies by wearing sheer material for wings. They had a bag clipped to their shirts to represent how dragonflies use their legs as a net as they fly through the air!

They got to collect bugs throughout the room LOL! 

The craft they made were clothes pin praying mantis and dragonflies!

We ended with a walk through the woods πŸ˜€ 

We didn’t see any insects, but we did see some deer and a little newt! 🌸🌳



  1. Again, looks like a fun learning day. Love the craft. I didn’t realize that the dragonfly used their legs as a net. Interesting factoid.

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    • Thanks! Eli and Andre are still playing with their craft!! We learned a lot of cool facts – and I think you just taught me dragonfly is a compound word!!! I think I need to edit my post LOL!!!

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      • LOL Glad to be of service and, for the record, I didn’t notice.


  2. What a cool field trip! I love the craft. Praying Mantis is a neat, but kind of scary predator. There’s a type that eat Hummingbirds! Did they learn about that one too?

    I love dragonflies and damsels. I think they’re a curious insect and like to check us out as much as we like looking at them.

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    • Seriously! They eat humming birds!! I’ll definitely research that! We like to say that dragonflies are fairies in disguise!


      • I say that too about Dragonflies and Damsels.

        Yes, the Praying Mantis does! Search Youtube there are several videos of them perched on humming bird feeders laying in wait for an unsuspecting Hummer! Or maybe not. It will change your perception of Praying Mantis’ I think.

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  3. Great post!

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