Safety House – fire safety

We went on a field trip today to The Safety House.

The safety house is a building completely devoted to teaching children how to be safe, especially is a fire! There was some emphasis on saying NO to drugs and how to be safe in a storm, but the bulk of the presentation was about what to do in a fire!

  1. Get Yourself OUTSIDE
  2. Go to a meeting place in the front
  3. Call 911 

The kids got to test a (nonworking) fire extinguisher on a not-real fire! P.A.S.S. (Pull the pin, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep)

After the presentation- the kids got to play dress up and get inside the trucks and get really hands-on! They loved it!

We will be having a family meeting this evening to discuss escape routes in our house… 

I recommend you talk to your loved ones about it too!!!


  1. Very tough job


  2. I love that you decided to get your picture taken in the truck too. LOL Knowing how to get out of the house and, more importantly, where to meet so you know that everyone is okay, is very important. Good for you for having a family meeting about it.

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