A tree struck by lightening πŸŒ³βš‘️🌳⚑️

For at least a week now, I have driven past a tree by the side of the road that had recently been struck by lightening.

Today was the day we went to investigate! 

The kids were thoroughly impressed with the power of lightening!

Perhaps a a smaller tree nearby had also been damaged because their was a freshly cut stump a few yards away.

Eddie counted the rings and determined the tree was only 24 years old!

Since we were at the Historical General Bissel Mansion (also a Saint Louis County Park) we decided to look around. 

While Simone studied the flowers, the boys shot airplanes…

A crooked tree from a previous storm…

Andre discovered a fallen bird’s nest…

Giant sticks 😝 (best toy ever!)

Humongous Earthworm 

I’m so glad we took the time to be curious about a natural wonder… We saw more than just a tree struck by lightening ⚑️🌳!

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  1. lfish64

    What fun adventures you haveπŸ˜„


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