Our Unschool Homeschool Classroom πŸ“šπŸ“‹πŸ–₯

After a very busy, absolutely wonderful, summer – we, as a family, are ready to settle down into a comfortable routine of learning together. πŸ’œ

I may take an unschool approach to learning, but I still like to have a classroom!

Our classroom has super comfy chairs to loung in as I read aloud or as the kids read to themselves (or for when they watch their educational shows).

There’s a couch for lounging and group reading…

A metal cart with art supplies…

A giant basket full of clipboards so writing and math can be done in any chair!

And MOST importantly… 

Essential Oils and diffuser… 

I look forward to spending time with my children in this room… That is- when we are aren’t out in the WILD OUTDOORS! 🌺🌳


  1. speeceloveandunderstanding

    It looks great! Love the green chairs!

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  2. Your classroom looks cozy and inviting! Curious what essential oils you use and what they help promote? I would love to incorporate some aromatherapy in to our mindfulness/study area at home. Have a wonderful school year!

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    • Thank you!! 😊 I use lavender A LOT … I have quite a collection of oils that I use topically (tea tree for poison ivy and bug bites, peppermint for head aches…) but I choose the oils for diffusing by smell preference! I used it to create ambiance of peace and feeling like something special is going on! I wear patchouli as perfume because it is anti-anxiety and smells so earthy!

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  3. Love your comfy classroom. My son Conor loves lavender, I never thought of using a diffuser. What a great Idea!
    Best of luck to you and your with school this Year!

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  4. Camie

    That room looks so inviting! Love the art cart!

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  5. Love how simple it is. Relieving to me to see a room not cluttered with classroom specific furniture and organization supplie.

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