An outdoor movie experience πŸΌ

We had so much fun last night watching Kung Fu Panda 3 🐼 outside!

First the kids got a silly picture taken…

Simone got her face painted…


The boys played football while Simone and I played Pokemon Go

And then darkness fell and the movie started!


It was a fantastic evening and night, something I hope to again!! 🐼



  1. How fun! I was just saying last week how much I miss the Drive-in!

    It would be so much fun to take #1 Grandson to the movies at a Drive-in. I have great memories of my parents getting the car ready with blankets, pillows, folding chairs, and snacks. We go in our jammies, play in the playground before the movie started then get comfy and watch the movie.

    He-Man and I did the same thing with our oldest, but by the time we had our youngest ( my 2 are nearly 8 yrs apart) all or most the Drive-in’s had been torn down and replaced with housing, business parks, or shopping malls.

    There might be one left. I have to check.

    It looks like your movie night was rolled in and could come and go to anywhere there is space? That’s a great idea. How was the sound? How did that work?

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    • It is sad that drive-in movies are almost extinct!! I have been a few times and they are so much fun! The sound was excellent as was the visuals! (Of course we got there hours ahead of time to ensure front row seating LOL!) I’m going to keep my eyes open for more outdoor opportunities!! I hope you get to take your grandson to a show outside soon!!

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  2. Looks like so much fun!

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  3. We do outdoor movies in our back yard in the winter. It is so fun. There is something about the combination of being outside and a bit of a party atmosphere. It is more memorable.

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