Laser tag… Kid style

Between thunderstorms… The summer heat is still turned up here in the STL!

We took another fishing class today where Eddie caught the smallest fish LOL!!

The kids also had an early morning swim meet today!

So, needless to say- no more sun for us today!! β˜€οΈ

But the kids got creative in the newly minimalized and decluttered basement…

(yay for getting rid of unused stuff to make room to play and live!!

Laser Tag kid style!

The kids built themselves forts.

The girls


Eddie and Eli


So how did they turn this into a game of LASER TAG???

Markers are the lasers which are thrown across the room!

If a marker lands in your fort – you lose!

(who knew school supplies were so much fun LOL)


And that’s how laser tag is set up and played when hot bored children put their minds together! 😊😊😊😊



  1. I love their creativity and the fact that the girls fort is so neat and tidy.

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  2. I LOVE there imagination!

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  3. Hello Amie..How are you? Its been a while. Just wanna tell you that Its nice to be in your page again, I have been busy with our move but we are finally settled now so I’m back to blogging. I hope you and your gorgeous family is fine. Best regards ! ~Christina

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    • Hi Christina! It’s great to hear from you:) I too have taken a blogging break, just to be getting back into it again! I have much reading to catch up with LOL. I look forward to reading our blog again- glad your back in it… hope your move was smooth!

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