Bringing our pets into the Wild

Eli took Hagrid, his Bearded Dragon! 

Simone took Clover, her Bunny.

And I brought Daisy, our German Shepard



It was such a cool evening 😊 The animals enjoyed relaxing at the park!


We even found an owl pellet!!



  1. Bronwen Lee

    Owl pellets, I am so sad we haven’t found any of those yet. I so look forward to digging around poop and bones. I’m going to have to, cuz someone is gonna want to bring it home, reconstruct it, create a record, put it under a microscope etc. Daisy is beautiful!

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  2. Looks like a fun day.

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  3. You have quite a diverse group of animals.

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    • Our zoo will be getting bigger soon- the kids are raising money for a snake and a tortoise!

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      • The tortoise I could handle, but not a snake. I can tolerate them outside and know that they are good for the environment, but I do NOT need one in my house. Hope they opt for a small one, at least.


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