Fishing class 101

We went to a fishing class today.

We learned about fishing poles and how to cast it into the water. 

For a closed reel: you hold the button, pull your arm back and as you bring your arm foward you release the button which allows your line to soar into the water.

The kids practiced casting into hula hoops.


Short video clips of the kids casting:



We also learned how to bait a hook with a worm (eeew 😝) and how to pull a hook out of a fish! 
Always touch a fish with wet hands so you don’t pull the “slime” off the scales. Without the slime, fish are vulnerable to microscopic organisms in the water. The leader told us that he has seen a dead fish with a hand print on it- showing where the organisms attacked it.


We did have one unfortunate experience… Eli fell into the water while he was casting off! He was quite upset!


Josh took him home and he got changed into dry clothes… And came back for more fishing!!  


We had fun catching fish and releasing them… But I will say it was HOT!!!


I caught the biggest fish… LOL!!

I learned a very important lesson! Hold the fish away from your body in pictures so it appears even bigger! 🎣


  1. What fun!! Oh your poor kiddo for falling in! At least he was able to get freshened up and then rejoin πŸ˜€


  2. Poor Eli! I have fished since I was an itty bitty thing. Haven’t gone a lot lately, but I do know how. Mom and dad used to keep my brother and me out of school one day a year to go to a nearby lake. What a treat that was!


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