I had an imaginary friend when I was young

Aki over at Learnify did a post today about Childhood Memories. She prompted her readers to share a childhood memory – which I did.  I briefly told her about my imaginary friend to which she replied that she wanted to know more… so here’s my own childhood memory post!

When I was a young girl, I had an imaginary friend… And as a teenager I had an imaginary boyfriend!

I am child #5 in a family of 10 children and yet there was never anyone to play with it LOL!

This picture is missing my youngest 2 sisters… I’m the bottom right…

The Wall of School Pictures…. sorry it’s blurry – it’s a picture of a picture!

This picture hangs above my parent’s couch…

These are our senior pictures! 

* See the locket I’m wearing (top right)… There’s a story to that! 

My imaginary friend’s name was Amy. 

My name is Amie (ah-me) but it was always mispronounced as Amy so I decided to name my imaginary friend Amy.

Amy always let me win.

I would play Old Maid and I remember cheating with my own imaginary friend πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚!

I was a very shy kid.

I felt better thinking Amy was near when we would go places. I would imagine her entering a room before me… She was much braver than me!

I wanted to be an author.

I would tell Amy stories and she always loved the plot!

One time my grandmother saw me in the backyard talking to Amy… In other words she saw me talking to myself. She told  my mother that she thought I was crazy and that there was something wrong with me!

After that – I decided to “transfer” Amy into one of my dolls. I guess it’s more normal to talk to a doll than in invisible person! Anyway, I had the perfect doll! I had seen it in the store and I begged my mother to buy it for me… And she did!

In fact I saw the exact doll at Goodwill just a few months ago… Part of me wanted to buy it – but I took my picture with it instead!


I kept that doll in my room until a friend told me it looked like the Chuckie doll. I’ve never seen the movie, but I remember being embarrassed and took it out of my room. Eventually it was given away…

Now about that locket and my imaginary boyfriend…

His name was Brick.

He had a rainbow colored Mohawk and was the singer of a punk band. I had drawn a stick figure picture of him and put it in the locketπŸ’œ

I had an imaginary boyfriend so I could tell all the boys that wanted to date me that I was already seeing someone! I had a lot of fun with the idea – LOL!

In fact I dated Brick until I met my now-husband, Josh! Josh must be just as loony as I am considering I told him all about Brick and he still fell in love with me! 🌸


My sister commented on my Facebook: 

I loved this post Amie!! And I remember you invented imaginary boyfriends for us younger girls … I think mine was named Tree!🌳

I had forgotten this memory… But now I remember! What a fun/silly childhood we had πŸ’œ πŸŒΈπŸŒ³πŸ’œ



  1. I had two imaginary pets when I was preschool aged, a crocodile (which lived under my bed….obviously) and a three legged giraffe that lived at the bottom of the garden. I never understood why people thought it was so ‘cute’ there is nothing cute about a crocodile under your bed!!!!!

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  2. You have a great looking, very large, family. I love your stories of your imaginary friends. I never had any, but wish I had thought of the imaginary boyfriend. That would have given me comfort in my non-dating teenage years. LOL

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  3. I was a super imaginative child but I don’t recall having an imaginary friend. I think it’s because I had pets and would talk to them. I also imagined being in a castle in the woods behind our house–there was a tree I could climb and that was the castle! I then turned to writing. I think writing saved my sanity. It was socially acceptable to write instead of talk to yourself!

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    • I would have loved to have a pet!! I’m glad you found writing – it’s funny how even as young children our creativity is culled according to what is socially acceptable! I’m sure your tree castle was awesome! 🌳

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  4. Aki

    Your story made me smile, thank you for sharing your amazing story. You saud amy was very brave! That represents your inner strength. Your imaginary boyfriend was really cool πŸ˜€ he was a singer. Awesome! !!
    Thank you for writing my name, means a lot! ! :))

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  5. Such a unique post. One of my post really deserves your view. Check my blog for that. Much love. ❀

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