When the kids don’t like dinner… Have them make a Wild Salad!

I made dinner today… Some liked it some didn’t! The ones that didn’t like it (*cough Simone and Andre*) decided to forage a wild salad since they were still hungry!

Andre collected sour flower (with the help of a friend).


He washed it and cut it…


Simone collected wild strawberries.

Andre found a wild onion and Simone picked some mint leaves.


The wild feast… (They decided to keep the onion and mint seperate since a little goes a long way)


The verdict…

Simone thought it was too sour…


Andre’s first plate had ranch and onion both of which he disliked…

Lol 😂 


However, his next plate he liked… 


Eli was curious … So he tried some…

And he LOVED it most of all (without the berries)!

Lesson learned this evening:  Eat what mom makes or make your own meal…

…and then make some delicious cookies to share!


  1. Bronwen Lee

    I love this idea. Was this yours or your kiddos?

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  2. How fun!

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  3. Great Fun! Was it hard for the kids to find the edibles? We’d love to learn more about edible plants.

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    • Our yard is full of edibles (aka weeds LOL). There are YouTube videos about it and our park tour guide also shows us what is edible! Even Pinterest is helpful 🌸 the kids are learning what they like and how to make their salads and soups taste good by experimenting. Good luck 😊

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      • Weeds, haha! I guess I’d find lots of edibles in my yard too! Thanks for the YouTube suggestion.

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  4. That sounds like so much fun. I’m sure I have a lot of edibles around here. Experimenting might be in my future.

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  5. That is so neat! Foraging is fun. I have many edible “wild” things growing all around. My favorite is dandelion. I have them most days. What’s neat is the entire plant can be eaten. My rabbit loves it too! 😉


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