Tower Grove Park Tour… And observing ducks and geese

We went to Tower Grove Park today.

We first visited with a statue of William Shakespeare.

There are four Shakespeare plays represented around the statue…

Near the statute is the one of the oldest trees in the park… A true original from when Henry Shaw founded the park.

Mulberry Tree

The tree has been there for 136 years… And the mulberries still taste delicious!  

Next, Angela had a small discussion with the kids about ducks and geese.

… And then to a small pond to see them!

Everyone’s favorite was the wood duck mama and her babies!


We saw the male wood ducks sunning themselves nearby..

The kids even found egg shells near an abandoned nest.

We got to see the difference between a male and female mallard duck. The female is brown versus the green headed male.

(These are both males)

The white duck has been at this park for 11+ years and is nicknamed Eugene!

The geese in Saint Louis are neat to see and watch but they are a bit of a nuisance. They disrupt plants and other wildlife. Remember to keep wild animals wild and don’t feed geese or ducks!


The pond definitely captured  the kids attention for an extended period of time!

The Horticulturalist we met was named Steve.

He showed us the green house where he grows plants. The most interesting was the lily-pads we could see through the windows.

The lily-pads are in the green house during the winter where as the Lotus can overwinter in the pond…

I’m sure this pond will soon be super beautiful in just a few weeks time!!

The iris garden had just finished blooming… With just a few pretty flowers remaining. 

The iris -or Fluer De Lis – is the symbol of our city!

The tree in the center of the iris garden also had just previously bloomed large beautiful flowers and is known as the Princess Tree! You can see their seed pods hanging from the tree!

The kids tried some catmint and decided it was not very tasty… Just pretty!


The Osage Orange Trees have large softball size fruits that squirrels love! Their bark is a beautiful orange with knobs and deep fissures!

Andre’s favorite animal is panda bears and so he gets excited whenever he finds bamboo! This bamboo is still young… Soon it will be gigantic!

The park is huge! We explored such a small portion of the park- and yet there was so much to see and learn!

Looks like we need to go back… With swimsuits and sunscreen! There’s a small wading pool and splash pad ☀️




  1. Sounds like a great park. The ducks are beautiful. I’m with you – geese are interesting and pretty, but can be a nuisance and mean when they have babies.

    Liked by 1 person

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