Yummy Banana boats 🍌⛵️  on the Grill 

This is a yummy dessert Simone and I learned how to make at Girl Scout camp. 
First we had to prepare the coals… 


Since we don’t have a coal chimney- we did it old school- a coal pyramid!

While the coals are getting White Hot – the banana boats were prepared!

1. Peel off a section of banana peel

2. Cut a slit and and open it


3. Fill the slit with marshmallows and chocolate chips! 😋


4. Wrap in Alumminum Foil


5. Put on the hot coals for about 2 minutes each side.


6. Eat – yum!!

* apparently the banana boats are to banana-y and Simone didn’t want one LOL!!!



  1. oh my gosh that sounds amazing!!! Definitely going to try this next time I have a campfire going!

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  2. Looks fun. Again, something new to try. I’m not a big marshmallow or chocolate fan. Wonder what else you could put inside ? Caramel?

    Liked by 1 person

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