Having a proper picnic at Wilderness Park

We decided to have a real picnic at the park.  

Despite the park being surrounded by major roads, it really is a haven for wild animals. We have even seen a coyote here in years past – from the car thankfully!

We usually bring food with us whenever we go to parks- but it’s in a dull paper bag straight from Aldi’s. Nothing fun or fancy about it.

Today – our main adventure was going to be going on a proper picnic!

The kids each packed their own lunches and we set off to Wilderness Park.


Andre carried a giant 31 bag that held the lunchboxes perfectly! I carried an orange tub from Aldi filled with our sit-upons, our current chapter book The Witches, and nature journals.

I set the picnic up all nice for the kids while they explored…

Look at the cute lunch boxes the kids have! My sister made them one year for Christmas!!

After lunch a wild grape vine was discovered…perfect for swinging on…

…. The problem was that it was just a little to high off the ground!

Solution: build a step stool out of wood


It worked! Everyone was elevated and got a good grip on the vine!



Eli was pretty sad that he didn’t catch any snakes 😳 (although I was pleased LOL)

So we went to the Library and read about snakes instead!



  1. Love it and love their problem solving abilities! I can tolerate snakes now better than I used to, but I don’t want to catch or pet one either! LOL

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  2. Lots more picnics and outdoor time, that’s on my list for this summer !!! ❀ beautiful pictures ! thanks for sharing and inspiring !!

    Liked by 1 person

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