Shaw Garden Tour 

We went on our weekly park tour today!

Kentucky has their horse derby 🏇and we have the leaf race 🍃…

… Read on to find out who won…. 😉

We began the tour of Shaw Park at the playground. It’s quite a fun park that tries to draw upon the aesthetics of nature!

Angela always engages the kids right away by telling them what the park has in store for them!  She quickly drew the kids’ attention to the Sensory Garden.

She passed around samples of the plants that could be found in the sensory garden and had everyone touch and smell the leaves and flowers.

She also had a scavenger hunt list for the kids to check off.

Simone was in charge of our family’s findings.

She took the hunt very seriously…

The boys listened and hunted but in a much less organized way.

Some of our findings…


Iris – the boys were surprised and delighted to learn the name of this flower… Iris is the name of a main character from Flash (who is a superhero).

A fairy umbrella disguised as a metal mushroom! 🍄

Native Honeysuckle was the biggest hit of all!


It was discovered that more blossoms equaled a more sugary flavor! Eli even collected extra to put in his fanny pack… And yes- he ate them all throughout the tour.

Eddie ate a whole cluster of Sour Flour… and I was able to capture his reaction on camera. It really is sour LOL!!!


Simone and her friend Rosa found a bird cage filled with succulent plants!

Such a cute planting idea! 

Rosa gave her mom a beautiful flower, which Alyssa wore very stylishly!

We had a special guest with us – Jessie from Green Spiral Tour. Jessie is the founder of Green Spiral an eco-adventure school designed to connect people, place and planet through free and affordable field trips throughout the Saint Louis region. Even if you don’t live in Saint Louis, you should visit her blog to get ideas and inspiration!!

Jessie was amazing with my boys… she didn’t get mad when a certain red-headed boy jumped in a puddle right beside her.  She laughed and agreed that puddles are irresistible! She got the kids involved with an art project… Creating a sculpture out of nature like Andy Goldsworthy.

Jessie’s sculpture was a Cairn… A Cairn is a small sculpture made out of stones to create a landmark.  They are useful while hiking as it can mark your way through the trail or invite others to follow you.

Eli made Hagrid- his pet bearded dragon.

Simone made Clover – her pet Rabbit.


Andre worked through trial and error to find the right rocks to make a mini Saint Louis Arch.


Eddie thought his rock was perfect as… Just a rock.

Rosa thought hers looked like an egg!


Angela showed us a bioswale.

A Bioswale is a depression in the landscape that purifies excess rainwater as it drains through plants, flowers and compost.

The local pool by the park was pumping water out into the sidewalk

Which gave us an unexpected surprise 😊 lots of running water to play in!!

Racing leaves…

Andre was the declared winner- see the green leaf on the shadow line?

The final treat if this tour was the hidden geocache…

This geocache was disguised as chewed gum!!

Simone found it (which means she was brave enough to check the false gum😳 It looked a bit to real for me to touch)!

There was a tiny piece of paper and Angela signed it The Green Spiral Tour!

We had so much fun on our park tour as we continue to learn the names of plants and trees, play in water, and explore nature!

Our one remaining question is…

What exactly is this a statue of?




  1. What a fun day! Oh, seeing eating that sour grass made my jaws salivate! I used to pick it and suck the juice out when I was in elementary school. I wouldn’t do it today though. 🙂

    That statue looks like something Dr. Seuss would create.

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  2. Reblogged this on Green Spiral Tours and commented:
    Use this Green Spiral Map

    along with the blogpost from

    “Becoming a Wild Family”

    to explore Shaw Park

    in Clayton.

    This is part of the

    Spring Series of

    “Urban Wild Adventures”

    featuring fabulous nature guide

    Angela Wildermuth


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  3. Looks like a great day!

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  1. Shaw Park | Green Spiral Tours

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