Yes- I do allow my children to climb trees

This post was first about having Patience in The Wild… But it turned into a self-affirmation that- Yes, I let my children climb trees and there is nothing wrong with it!


What is patience?

Patience is waiting your turn to climb to the top of the tree!


  We found the perfect climbing tree and stayed in it for about an hour! It was a great opportunity to practice the art of being patient since only one could be at the top!


I told the kids we needed to leave, but they weren’t ready yet…

“One more tree?!” they begged!

Look for orange at the top of the tree… that’s Andre!! 😳


…and Eli couldn’t resist the ease of this evergreen! 


Unfortunately some stranger had to yell at Eli not to hurt the tree. He wasn’t doing anything wrong and he was not abusing the tree in any way. He also barely weighs 50lbs and he was being supervised.

  I feel that this adult just wanted to say something authoritative to the kids because they felt uncomfortable with what they were doing.

It’s the fear of being judged and scolded that has prevented me from letting the kids be wild in the past… But I feel that if we are respecting nature, we should be able to explore it!

I hope it was okay that we climbed on this decorative statue bench! LOL!!



  1. sarajschmidt

    Yes! Finding a good climbing tree is the best! It makes my heart sing when I walk outside and see Wood Sprite (my 10yo’s online moniker) hanging upside down from the tree. Sometimes she’s even reading a book. My own little Pippi Longstocking. πŸ˜‰ And HOLY COW, the fear of being judged touches SO much when you are a mom! I wonder if it’s even more than ever with so much social media, “Pinterest pressure,” that sort of thing, too. It can be so hard to get past that and just let go. Could you imagine a world where all moms just trusted themselves and went with their guts? WOW! I’m loving your blog, thank you for sharing and the great ideas!

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    • Cute nickname!! At one time Andre and Eli were afraid to climb, and so seeing them enjoying the climb makes me very happy! They both declared they wish they could live in a tree LOL! The struggle is real – moms are judged if we do and judged if we don’t!- it’s about quieting the mind and ignoring the voices of critics! (Which is not easy LOL)!! Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement, I appreciate it!! 🌸


  2. Haha! Those monkeys again!! have they ever fall ? im curious…
    they seemed to be all so relentless about it.I wonder who taught them first to climb..
    Its always brings a smile in me whenever I’m in your page Amie:)

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    • I think Eddie taught the other 3 how to climb- it’s in his blood LOL! And he learned from his mistake… He climbed a small dead tree when he was 7 (barely 4 feet off the ground) and the branch broke and he broke his arm. One of my sisters was outside with him when it happened but I assured her that I would have let him climb the tree if I had been there. After his arm healed, I encouraged him to start climbing again so he wouldn’t be afraid of it. That was three years ago and they have had to be “rescued” a few times (which means I talk them through the process of going down) but no more tumbles! (Knock on wood). They also know not to climb high in a tree without me or my husband. Thanks for reading and commenting πŸ’

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      • You are really amazing..I’m learning a lot from your parenting style Amie..:) I wish I could afford the luxury of homeschooling myself..your kids are so lucky..!

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  3. I think the yeller was just jealous they couldn’t stop and climb too πŸ˜‰

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  4. Hi Amie,
    I LOVED climbing trees when I was a kid, so thank you for taking me back to those memories! I think kids now days would have so much better hand/eye coordination and better muscle tone and strength if they were encouraged to go outside and climb trees instead of inside all day playing video games. I think its great that your kids love doing these things, and a tumble every now and then is part of any active child’s life. People will judge you no matter what choices you make, so make the ones you’re ok with, because you and your family are the only people who matter most to you.
    Have a great week,

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    • Thank you for such a nice letter/comment! It’s so nice to hear kind words of support and encouragement! I do see my children’s coordination improve… especially in baseball – they hardly practice with the team and yet they are getting better quickly- I’m crediting the tree climbing!! Knowing my family is their happiest outside does help quite the critics 😊

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  5. Hooray for tree climbing! Such an empowering experience, and a wonderful way to connect with nature.

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    • It is empowering!! My youngest was afraid to climb the first branch just a short while ago… And today he reached the top of a very tall tree! I’m very proud… But I think he was proudest 😊


  6. My oldest loves climbing trees – that looks like the perfect climbing tree! A shame that stranger had to spoil some of the fun.

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  7. Hooray for the tree climbers! I used to climb trees all the time. When I get the chance, I go up a good one with the oldest kiddo. He has an easier time going up, not so much going down. But I and Deb let him go up in the branches as often as we can. It IS for sure empowering! When he gets up there, he knows he did it, by himself. The look of pride and confidence makes it worth the thrill. And it’s thrilling–for both the kid and for us’n parents! While I don’t want him to get hurt, he’s got to take chances from time to time.

    YOu keep right on doing it right! Cheers!


  8. I am not sure why people don’t like kids climbing trees. I always get a giggle out of it. Imagine all of the amazing things they learn from being in a tree! My crew enjoys doing their schoolwork in a tree in our yard (I have no idea how they do that, but somehow they do). Great pictures too!

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  9. Love it! My boys have never met a tree they didn’t feel compelled to climb. Our fave is an old Oak tree hidden in Forest Park.

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    • I haven’t explored Forest Park nearly enough since I can’t parallel park LOL! But our weekly park tour will be there in a few weeks! 😊 I’ll keep an eye out for a giant Oak!!🌳


  10. I used to love climbing the trees in my yard. I think I told you before that one had a perfect limb to sit on and read a book.

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