Boy Scout Meeting: outdoor cooking and fire starting

We got to put our Dutch Oven skills (from our previous class)  to work!

We met at our FABULOUS scout leader’s house for a meeting to learn outdoor cooking and fire building/safety rules.

We began by preparing our meal in the Dutch ovens…

Cheesy Chicken Hashbrowns


Cheesy Potatoes and Onions


Cooking time – adding hot coals


We double stacked the Dutch Oven so we would have enough coals.


While the food cooked…

The kids learned fire safety and how to build a fire – all during a thunder storm!!


Yes, bunny Clover was there with us 🐰

Finally- the food was ready!

Time for a FEAST!

We ended a great day… with a double rainbow!!

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  1. The brownies and lasagna look really yummy! Were the potatoes done?
    I’m going to look up the recipes. I don’t have a dutch oven, but living in earthquake country this is probably something I should have up my sleeve in addition to water, and a month of dehydrated meals.

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    • The potatoes did cook- and they were my favorite! We added extra coals to them towards the end since they took a bit longer to cook. I feel like we are becoming more educated and will be more prepared for an emergency! If you find any amazing recipes let me know… And hopefully you will never have an earthquake!

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  2. Another great adventure. So glad to see you and your family doing things like this together! I have never cooked in a Dutch oven before, but all of these look great. We do have a boy scout group that sometimes cooks for our church on Wed. nights in these and it is always good.

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  3. Everything looks yummy! How long does it take to cook your Dutch oven feast?

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    • Thanks! It was really good! The average time was about an hour, the potatoes were the longest and the brownies the shortest 45 min. It really depends on the amount of coals (and there’s a chart for that).


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