The Historic Whistle Stop in Ferguson, MO

The Whistle Stop is a frozen custard shop and Train Depot Museum!

This was one of the first buildings built in Ferguson, Missouri.

It’s 161 years old!!!

It used to be a train station…

… But now the Whistle Stop sells frozen custard, sandwiches, soups, and salads.

We went with Simone’s Girl Scout group to get a tour of the place.

The kids saw the gigantic freezer and the two kitchens but their favorite part was seeing how the frozen custard was made…

…they of course got to sample some! 🍦

A small spoonful was not enough –

So I had to order everyone their own cup (and a mini cone for me)!

Yummy!!!!!! πŸ’œπŸ˜‹β€οΈ

I highly recommend going here!!!!!

The museum is pretty neat-

I took pictures of the photo-collages and Western Union office.



The electric train that runs around the store is the cherry on top of this cute place! πŸ’

While Simone finished her Girl Scout meeting- the boys found a WILD spot behind the parking lot…

… Of course! 😊


  1. Awesome! I have 5 boys and can SO see them reclining along the railroad tracks!

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  2. My boys have always loved trains! What a neat place to visit!

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  3. Looks like another fun day of learning. I love the photo of the century homes. Those old houses had so much character! Would love to hear the stories the fly on the wall could tell.


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