Introducing… Clover 🐰

Remember how Simone got a promise of a baby bunny on her birthday?

(Notice the stuffed rabbit in the cages?)

Well… She got one!!

It was pretty hard finding a bunny for her!

We looked at rescue sites including the humane society and the rabbits up for adoption where HUGE and not the right choice for our family. 

Almost everyone on Craigslist wanted to “rehome” their pet bunny for $100! Except for 1 man almost an hour away…Who just wanted $10 – πŸ˜ŠπŸ°

Meet 6 week-old Clover! 🐰

She’s one of the family now… Even going to baseball games! ⚾️

I bought Simone a picnic bag from Aldi so she can carry Clover in it!

Simone puts a tiny green harness on her and uses a homemade leash.

I think Simone’s love affair for bunnies happened when she received her beloved Blueberry after her appendicitis 2 years ago! She still sleeps with that furry blue bunny!


I just hope Eddie doesn’t want a pet bear – LOL….

That was his gift when he had has appendix removed a few months ago.

Rabbits are 

  • very intelligent 🐰
  • very sweet 🐰
  • and can be litter trained πŸ˜ƒ!!


(I bought the cage used on Craigslist and although it was in good condition the clips holding the second floor kept coming undone.  Good old duck tape to the rescue!!)

Simone enjoys playing with Clover in her camper house!

Simone πŸ’œ Clover!

Wild Family Facebook page 🌸

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  1. mummychilds

    We have two lovely rabbits, perfect pets for little people! Hello Clover! X

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