Poison Ivy Poems

Basically every year, while I’m doing yard work and gardening, I end up with a terrible case of poison ivy! 😒

Perhaps this year will be different…

“Let nature be your teacher!”

-Williams Wordsworth

Learning rhyming words and poems through nature… As well as remembering  words of advice!!

A park guide recently taught the kids and I two poems to help remember what poison ivy looks like!

Hairy vine

Your no friend of mine


I had no idea a poison ivy vine could be so thick and menacing!

Leaves of three

Let it be

Leaves of five

Let it thrive
A very scary sight indeed!
Here’s a poem we made up together…

Stems of red

Is what they said

That will make you sad

And feel itchy and bad


We have many family (unschool) discussions in the car as we drive home from our adventures. 

It’s the perfect opportunity to talk about what we saw and did. 

We can tie information together, answer questions, teach lessons, ask Siri for answers (lol), and we all learn through each others thoughts,  ideas, and even memorized facts!

* This is day two of the quote challenge. Post the same quote 3 days in a row. 

Thank you to Tippy’s mom at https://tippysite.wordpress.com for nominating me πŸ’œ!

“Let nature be your teacher!”

-Williams Wordsworth

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  1. Ugh… I just look at poison ivy and I get it. I’ll probably get now that I’ve read this post about poison ivy πŸ™‚ Better get the Calamine lotion!

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  2. Man, looking at both those pictures, I’ve apparently been super lucky over the years…Yoiks!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You are very welcome. I am behind on my own posts. LOL I am very allergic to poison ivy too. I have found that if I have been outside and possibly exposed to it, I will wet a paper towel with alcohol and rub every exposed body part. Doing this, and washing my clothes immediately, I haven’t had any breakouts in the last couple of years.


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