“Let nature be your teacher!”

-Williams Wordsworth

Instead of worksheets and memorization to learn the lifecycle of a frog – the kids are going to learn firsthand by keeping and caring for tadpoles… Which will change before their eyes!

A fellow homeschooler at church gave me some freshly caught tadpoles.

Simone thought she was hilarious when she offered me a “tad” bit of coffee!


She toadally wanted to put a lid on it and offer it to her father! 😳🐸


We brought them home and put them safely into where “Corally” lives!

Elijah bought this old coral from a garage sale for a dollar…

And he needed it to “live” somewhere- so he filled a container with water and put it in the sunporch!

(That kid would have a million pets if I let him!)

Well, now Corally has a few friends! πŸ’š

Food:  Boil lettuce for 10 minutes.

You can freeze the boiled lettuce in ice cube trays for daily meals!


Eli is hoping there might be a Dino-Frog!


Names for the tadpoles…

Lily Pad, Fly Swatter, Mud Puddle, Speckles, Swampy, Hopper, Leaper, Bug Catcher

Speaking of bug catchers…


Yesterday, while looking for mushrooms, we came upon this amazing sight…

A spider eating his lunch!

πŸ•· Wolf Spider eating an Emerald Ash Borer

* This is day one of the quote challenge. Post the same quote 3 days in a row. Thank you to Tippy’s mom at https://tippysite.wordpress.com for nominating me πŸ’œ!



  1. lfish64

    As child I found a big tadpole, it was about two inches long. I put it in our pond, but it escaped. The next spring I found the biggest bull frog the size of small football.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So fun! We did this with our boys last spring. It was so fun to watch them change. Unfortunately, I accidentally killed 2 of the 3 frogs 😬 Well, that just lead to another “circle of life” discussions πŸ˜‰


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