Mushroom Festival 

We went on our first Morel Mushroom Hunt under the guidance of an expert!


When we found our morels it was like finding the world’s best treasure! 

We all found one (small as they were)!

Finding them as a beginner was kinda hard- we just got down on the ground and looked aimlessly around – LOL!!


Can you find it amongst the leaves?

Here’s our loot… The fanny-pack came in handy!!

Perhaps the biggest mushroom found (not by us) being measured and weighed for the contest!


There was also a craft fair at the festival, so Josh bought me a trophy necklace 😊!

And it accurately portrays the size of morel mushroom that I found! 🍄

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  1. I have a friend who hunts Morel mushrooms. I’m chicken – afraid I’ll find poisonous ones instead. As usually, it looks like you had a lot of fun. Was there no water in the area for the kids to enjoy?! (LOL)

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  2. You guys have such great adventures!

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