Collecting a honey-bee swarm πŸ

I just did the bravest thing I’ve ever done!

I held the bucket under a queen bee and her loyal swarming followers… 

… while my friend’s husband, Tim, cut the branch the bees were on!


Close-up of the swarm

I admit I was terrified and Simone claims that I screamed but really I just declared that  I was very scared. (When the branch was cut the bees could feel it moving into the bucket and the buzzing was so loud in my ears and I just imagined them landing on me even with my eyes closed.)

How did the amazing opportunity arise for me to help move a honey-bee swarm?

My friend’s husband used to be a bee keeper and when someone had a new swarm in their yard, he was called.

He collected them and put them in a tub.

When he opened the bucket to put them in a hive box… The queen flew up and away…

Tim followed them into the next yard where the bees had formed a protective swarm over the queen.

After about 15 minutes the bees were calm enough for recollecting!

Which is when I volunteered to bravely hold the bucket!

After the branch and bees where in the bucket, Tim put a lid on it, took the bucket over to the hive box and put it in, and put a tarp over it…

This time the queen went into the hive box instead of flying away!  

We were then given a lesson on bees, their hive, and how honey is made.

FYI- honey is bee vomit… mmmm πŸ˜‹

Bees make a type of glue… kinda like gum.

I tried to chew it but it was pretty icky tasting. LOL!

I hope that by seeing just how docile bees are the kids and I won’t fear them this summer! After all… We do love honey! 🐝

Thanks again Noreen and Tim – I hope your hive thrives and that you pollinate the neighborhood and get lots of honey! 🌸🐝🌸🐝🌸🐝🌸🐝

Wild Family Facebook page 🌸


  1. Wow, what an interesting day! I would have been terrified too. My youngest son wants to keep bees but we would have to move to a less urban area first.

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  2. heatherneedsanap

    You are very brave! That is really awesome. I didn’t know that honey is “bee vomit”. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. I don’t think I would be brave enough to hold that bucket. I do try to leave bees alone, if they aren’t a danger to me or Tippy. I know we need them to pollinate the crops and the numbers of honey bees are diminishing. Glad your neighbor has them. Maybe you can get some free honey for helping get the hive started….even if it is bee vomit. YUCK! Love honey. I’ll just have to try to put that image out of my mind in the future.


  4. How fun! My husband and I talk of keeping bees but it isn’t practical where we are. I enjoy them when they’re pollinating my citrus trees and garden, though! Orange Blossom honey is the best. From Florida. Florida Orange Blossom honey. Nothing beats it.

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  5. Wow – we had a bee situation today at our house too!! What interesting timing. I find that many people are afraid of bees but I have had good luck with them when we work with their patterns and cycles. Today we had a set of scout bees try to make a home in an overturned pot we’re using to keep the dog out of a rat trap area. The bees like the hole in the bottom of the upturned pot and think that’s a good opening for a hive. Unfortunately it’s right next to the door of my office and when a neighbor started up a lawn mower they started calling in reinforcements and acting kind of crazy (we have problems with “africanized” bees here that attack, so we have to be careful). I sneaked out of my studio when they were momentarily calm and had to wait to get back in. They’ve since calmed down and maybe went to sleep (we find they rest at night) so we’ve closed up the hole and tomorrow we’re hoping to release anyone inside and convince them that this isn’t the best new hive spot. πŸ™‚

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  6. That was particularly fascinating as I saw a swarm on a tree last year and didn’t think to report it. It’s interesting to see how you move it to safety!
    All the best πŸ™‚

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  7. That was wicked brave! I don’t mind bees, they generally don’t scare me. But a swarm like that would have tested my mettle for sure! I “might” have been okay with an experienced handler there. What a great lesson for the kids, too!

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    • Yeah! It was wicked brave LOL!!! It totally helped that I was with an experienced bee keeper!! It was so neat to see and be a part of – we all got a better understanding of how a hive works! 🐝


  8. feisty living

    awesome! i’m going to try bee venom therapy to combat lyme disease, so this was especially interesting to me. aren’t honey bees amazing?!? their buzzing feels so energizing.

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  9. Bee vomit is soooo delicious πŸ™‚ Great story!

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  10. That a girl! I too braved the bees this week as we put in our first hive on Monday night. Now you will find yourself stopping in the yard to watch them as they fly from flower to flower working.

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  11. You are a bee charmer!?! Go look up the bee artist in Canada who makes pattern art with bees. It’s super cool and I think you will like it:

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