Project Fair

We participated in our first activity with a homeschool group. I entered the kids into a project fair and it was held this evening.

So, naturally, I waited till this past weekend to get the kids working on their project boards.

The rules of the project board – display any topic on a trifold board.

How awesome is that… Absolutely perfect for our unschooling approach.

Edison- 3 ways to make coffee (French press, Chemex, Keurig)


Edison handed out chocolate coffee beans to everyone that stopped by his display!

Simone – Little House on the Prairie


She learned how to make a yarn doll and even helped her brothers make their own.

She helped visitors to her booth make button necklaces.

Andre – 3 types of rocks


Andre had a pumice rock floating in water! Who knew a rock could float!
Elijah -Dinosaurs

Eli absolutely LOVED making his display and he has proclaimed that he’s keeping it forever! He had many plastic dinosaurs on display and he showed everyone his rock with fossils that he found in the creek yesterday!

At the very end of the project fair, everyone got participation certificates…

… except Andre who will get his in the mail (a printer mishap).

The kids had so much fun designing and creating their open-ended projects!!!

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  1. My son and Eli would get along very well! We just made a trip to Chicago’s Field Museum so we could go see Sue the T-Rex there! Looks like fun projects for all!

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  2. Looks like they had a lot of fun showing off their displays too.

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  3. Awesome displays and such diversity! #1 Grandson adores dinosaurs, but proclaimed two days ago, ” I don’t want to go see anymore giant dinosaurs.” He’s moving into Superheroes now. That could be why. I think he would have loved Eli’s display.

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