Thank you to a sweet and talented blogger

 A huge thank you and many hugs of thanks to Lara at annabellaboobop.

She just sent my family a huge box of goodies!


Curious what’s in the box? I’ll show you – after I tell you who Lara is!

Lara is an amazing person and blogger!

I love her tagline: Make Art Every Day!

She blogs about her beautiful craft projects like Needle Lace (her lace leaf is so intricate), Needle and Felting (I would love to learn this skill),and bracelet making! She also has a love for beauty in nature which she showcases in her photography skills!

I happened to comment on one of her previous posts about vintage cigar boxes that she bought at a thrift store.  I mentioned to her how cool the boxes were and that my son would love the triangular box because it looked so magical!

And she commented back that she would like to give it to him!

How could I say no to such generosity?

But her kindness didn’t stop there… she sent one for each child!

Eli’s Bone Box

Eli had recently created some T-Rex bones with a special kit.

He immediately knew that he wanted to keep his bones in his new special box.

Andre’s Rock Box

Andre is also known as The Mini Geologist!

He quickly got his favorite rocks to put in his new Inferno box.

Edison’s puzzle Box

He put his collection of Rubik’s  Cubes in the box.


  •  Eddie has completed the 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, and the pyramid!!
  • His 4×4 even fell apart and he put it back together!!

Simone’s letter box


Simone’s cousin lives far away, but she loves to write her letters!

Now all of her writing supplies are in her special box!

I even received a gift…

An Awesome Greek Mythology book for me to read to the kids!

It’s interactive with masks, activities, and pop-ups!

As a thank you, Lara, I made you two matching zipper bags to use for your crafting projects!

Thanks again dear blogging friend! πŸ’œπŸŒΈ

Wild Family Facebook page 🌸


  1. How delightful and generous Lara is! The boxes look neat, and the kids put them to good use!

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  2. Super sweet ❀

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  3. Yay – they arrived!!! Thank you for posting pics of everyone’s choice of treasure for their box – how fun to see everyone’s different interests! Eddie is a wonder – putting a Rubik’s cube back together from pieces?! And the meta of his putting puzzles in a puzzle box has me really tickled. Thank you so much for the zipper bags Amie! I have so many small crafty things to put in them!!! My dining room looks like a hobby store right now so they’ll help organize this crazy corner (and help me take my projects on the road – can’t go traveling without a project!). What fun to share this with you and your family! My only regret is that I didn’t send something for that sweet German Shepard watching over everyone! πŸ™‚

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    • Eddie has a good mind for puzzles (and the help of YouTube!), a crafter can never have too many zipper bags for projects LOL , and all the plastic bags you used to protect the boxes… the perfect gift for our dog… We can use them to cleanup after her at the park!

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  4. Those are great and very generous of Lara.

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  5. Wow..this is swesome and how wonderful Lara is..she is so generous. Lovely post and you are really an inspiring Mama.

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