Edison is 10!

If you remember from one of my previous posts where Eddie and I attended a Preppers class, Eddie wanted everything he saw there!

And this morning… his wish came true!

Eddie is ultra prepared for all of our future hikes and camping outings!

The main gift was a hiking backpack and matching  water bottle carrier.

Inside were useful goodies!

Mini- survival guide book

Zippo Lighter (the most reliable fire starter)


An awesome compass

Solar powered watch


 Sustenance for a growing boy – LOL

A birthday wouldn’t be complete without some amazing second-hand finds!

  • Bike – Craigslist
  • Camo pants – Goodwill
  • Nike shoes- Goodwill
  • Pogo stick – Salvation Army

We’ve got 2 ten-year olds for two weeks!

Eddie and Simone are Irish Twins – meaning they were born within a year of each other! 


Wild Family Facebook page 🌸



  1. Awesome. See? Dreams do come true. Always.

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    • Absolutely! It was supposed to rain all day but it’s super sunny and beautiful out- an extra birthday blessing 🌞 we are going on a bike ride so he can test everything out!

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        Well, today is New Moon in powerful Aries.
        I hope all your wishes will come true always and may the Faeries show you the secret doors in Nature so you can experience it , treasure it and protect it.
        All Joy be yours today.

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  2. ninicocos

    Thanks for the blog visit! I think it’s nice that you take your kids out to hikes!

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  3. What a great 10th birthday! Happy Birthday Edison!

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  4. Happy Birthday, Edison! Looks like he had a great day!

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  5. I’m glad Edison had a happy 10th!

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  6. COOL gear, too!

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