Dig In – what’s in the dirt?

We went with some cousins to the Powder Valley Conservation Center for an educational program about digging in the dirt.

After a presentation about what you might find living in the dirt (beetles, worms, spiders,etc…) the kids were given toolboxes filled with supplies.

There were shovels, bug catching containers, and magnifying glasses.

We walked down the path to an outside classroom where the kids got down and dirty digging in the soil.

Then there was a show-and-tell where the kids got to show what they caught before letting them go.  

It was an easy activity that the kids loved! It will be easy to replicate this hands on experience!!

Make your own:

Dig-In kit.

  1. A box with a handle
  2. Hand shovel 
  3. Jar with lid (and air holes)
  4. Magnifying glass

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    1. Love this idea!x


    2. There is a lot you can find in the dirt.
      All that has been before us to hold and nourish us .
      All the stardust ,All the footsteps , the chemistry of all geological events.
      A whole universe in a box.
      All your activities are so much fun. I just wished we lived closer.

      Liked by 2 people

    3. Love it, so much fun!


    4. Looks like they had so much fun! I wish public schools could do things like this. Learning that learning can be fun and not boring is important!

      Liked by 1 person

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