Climbing up is the easy part…

So I wondered throughout the park by myself while the kids played… and I challenged myself to climb a tree!

I took an awkward selfie -LOL!

Then my family noticed me in a tree (by myself) and ran over to ask if I was stuck!


I was not stuck – Thank you very much! 

However I did bruise my ego and my bottom as I tumbled ungraciously out of the tree and onto this painful root!


Looks like I need to work on my tree dismount! 🌳🌲🌸

Wild Family Facebook page 🌸



  1. So cool! I love this Amie!! and what a colorful selfie you have..

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  2. It’s been decades since I last climbed a tree. Good for you! I imagine it’s a good workout too.

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  3. I used to love climbing trees, but haven’t done so in many, many years! When I was little we had a tree in my front yard that had a limb bent just the right way to be a good seat. I’d climb up there and read a book in the summer (about 10 feet off the ground).

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    • Sounds fantastic… A perfect chair in the tree! In the summer my kids like to climb our magnolia tree and sit in the cool of the leaves when I read outside. I, however have never read a book in a tree – I should put that on my bucket list!!

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