And I quote my son… “that’s how you play in a creek!”

The hike started off clean enough… it’s a 30/30 hike, one that we are quite familiar with at Sioux Passage.

But then the kids spotted the old tree bridge across the creek.

I have never let them cross it because I was always so afraid of them falling!

Well, I am no longer afraid! 

See, even I went across!

The kids were occupied for awhile finding neat things to show me…

Simone found where a snake had slithered in the mud! 🐍

Eli found claw marks from where an animal slipped off the tree bridge…


Andre found LOTS of raccoon tracks…


Eddie found a natural Pogo Stick…


I unfortunately found half-buried rusted barrels – sad to think what used to be in there (contamination?)


After exploring for a bit… The kids’ adventurous spirits came out – but not before I made them hang up their funny packs!

I just let them play while I took pictures and laughed at their antics!


Dirty, dirty, dirty!!!

And of course, I’m carrying everything again!

Once we got back to the car- I ordered all shoes and top layer clothes to be taken off!

…and I wonder why I have so much laundry! LOL 😳

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  1. That looks like a fab day out! I always say if my kids come home from an activity clean they clearly haven’t enjoyed themselves! Xxxxxx

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  2. OMG! OH MY GOSH! What a neat day for the kids and you! I think I would have given pause at the height of that branch bridge! WOW! They’d never learn this stuff in a classroom of 35 kids. Well done Mummy!

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    • Several years ago my husband wanted to cross the tree bridge with the kids and I freaked out begging him not to! It felt amazing to realize that the bridge was totally crossable for the kids and even me!! I used to be quite the worrier LOL! Thank you for the encouragement- I am always surprised at the different treasures the kids find and the inferences they make about it!

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  3. I used to say the best foods are the messiest ones. Same goes for a day in the woods. So glad you are encouraging your children to experience nature and getting filthy. Too many don’t get those opportunities these days.

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  4. Great! I love unstructured creative play outdoors!

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  5. Eeek! You’re all very brave! The barrels look like oil barrels maybe, but if they’re that rusted I’d think that whatever used to be in them must be long gone by now.

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    • The kids make me brave! I live in Saint Louis where several parks have been contaminated by ColdWater Creek. It’s a long sad story of toxic waste 😒 and documented cases of it causing cancer! It’s scary and maddening!

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      • Oh no! That’s so horrible! I hope you’ve not been affected too much 😦

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  6. fiercelydevoted

    I wrote my local parks and rec office about the 30/30 challenge and they love the idea! Yea! Thanks so much for sharing your journey.

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  7. Kids will be kids…if they are allowed to be. Who does your laundry? Great blog. Thanks for stopping bs

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