One time… We rescued a baby duck

Our family has been quite unlucky this past month… We are fighting another miserable virus.  Think Strep Throat, except worse because there’s no magic medicine to make them better… Only time!

Sooo, since there will be no hikes in the WILD today, I decided to time travel and reminisce about the past.

And one time… We rescued a duck!

My sister-in-law brought it over to us because she had found the chick in her dog’s mouth! 🐢πŸ₯

The kids were SO excited!


Eli was only 2 years old! Which explains why I wouldn’t let him hold the chick!! 

The other kids enjoyed holding it ❀️
The following day, we took the chick to the WildLife Rescue Center.  There’s a neat museum there that shows native animals and their habitat. I think we will need to take another field trip there!

Later that summer, we got a postcard that said little Duckie flew off to freedom with a flock of other rescued ducks!

Wild Family Facebook page 🌸

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