Happy Easter πŸ’

Instead of filling Easter Baskets with goodies… we filled Fanny Packs!

Elijah immediately knew what they were for! He exclaimed, “Now we don’t have to make you hold everything when we go on walks!”

Exactly! They can carry their own treasures on our walks 😊

They also got cross necklaces to remind them of God’s Love πŸ’œ!

I even got a new fanny Pack!! 😊

…Josh also got me a Tree Guide!


I hope everyone has a glorious Easter! 🐰

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  1. Bairleafarm

    I haven’t seen those since 1983 lol or since the last time I walked in my closet. I still wear one while camping. Love me a fanny pack.

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    • Ha ha!! I’m bringing the fanny back – LOL! You can be part of the trend… Just bring that pack out and where it around πŸ˜‰! They do come in handy when you need to be hands free!


  2. Great idea on the fanny packs and the tree guide looks amazing! Love all the sweet smiles!

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    • Thanks! I have a feeling I might end up wearing 5 fanny packs on one of these hikes! LOL!!


      • Resist the urge! πŸ™‚ Reminds me of my trick-or-treating rule for my kids when they were little: if you can’t carry your “props,” don’t take them…and when you ask me to carry your candy, we’re turning around and done. πŸ™‚

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