Nature-Photo Challange: Children in a tree

The lovely Christina at justbluedutch nominated me for the 7-days Nature photo Challenge. Christiana’s blog is a beautiful compilation of fantastic pictures and insightful values, ideas, and themes that usually revolve around nature.  Her blog inspires me to be more WILD and get more out of this amazing WILD world we live in.

*The rule of this challenge is quite simple: Post a nature photo and nominate someone else per day for 7 days. (I am cheating a bit and I’m just doing it for 1 day and instead of nominating another blogger I’m going to share a wonderful blog!)

Our beautiful Magnolia tree… with four silly children in it.

I encourage my children to climb trees!

  • Climbing trees is a great form of exercise
  • Climbing trees gives oneself the feeling of great accomplishment
  • Climbing trees give you the chance to see your surroundings from a different perspective


I’m going to give a virtual shout-out to Deborah at Circadianreflections. Deborah is a fantastic photographer! and a very sweet person!  Her photographs are stunning and I love seeing birds from her part of the country through the lens of her camera!  I think everyone should check out her blog and her beautiful pictures!!


  1. That is an amazing tree, and what a beautiful photograph!

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  2. Oh wow! those little monkeys are amazingly cute! How did you let them strike a pose like that?
    I remember growing up with a magnolia tree also in the backyard of my Grandmother. The scent of the flowers when in blooms are really intoxicating that I’m having a cold after sniffing
    Wonderful photo and warm thoughts behind it.
    Thank you so much for the mention Amie, you are really sweet!
    Happy Easter soon to you & your beautiful family.

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  3. Oh my gosh, thank you so much for the virtual shout-out! I’m nearly speechless! I’m going to float the rest of the week on this compliment Amie Elna! WOW, THANK YOU!! xx

    Ah, trees. We used to have a lovely Bing Cherry tree that had the sweetest cherries, unfortunately it got old and stopped producing fruit, and we lost it. We also had a big ole Ash tree that the kids adored climbing, daydreaming in, and on warm and sunny days my son often did his required reading in that tree. Unfortunately, as it got taller, and taller it would hit the high wires and in stormy winters we’d often lose power. We had it removed and we all cried over that loss.

    When I was a girl I spent many hours in a giant Redwood tree we had in our backyard; Pretending, daydreaming, planning my life, and just gazing out at the world around me. I pass that tree often while out and about and I always say a little prayer that it continues to live a long, long time.

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    • 😊😊😊 your welcome… I adore your photos and comments. We do get attached to trees that have served us and our families well, it’s sad when their time is up! We have an ash in the backyard that is won’t make it much longer due to that terrible ash-beetle😒 Seeing a giant redwood is on my bucket list, hope yours lives for thousands of years more! 🌳 have a great Easter weekend!!

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