Enjoying a Nature Walk together… hundreds of miles apart

…838 miles apart to be exact, but that distance didn’t prevent me from enjoying my nieces on their nature walk!

I received a text message this morning from my sister who lives in Virginia. She was on a nature hike with her four girls and our niece.

I texted back that I LOVED their balance beam and to find me some amazing treasures to show me.

I received these pictures 20 minutes later…


I could just hear their sweet voices talking excitingly about their finds…

I could feel their excitement and awe!
I could see them running from place to place to see each other’s finds!

I could hear their giggles…

I was jealous of the tree that got to hold my baby niece that I have yet to hold!

And then I cried when I got the video… Their happiness and joy is just how I had imagined it to be!

Thank you Sonja for thinking about me and including me in this wild adventure!

* It was such a simple gesture, reaching out to me across the miles.  It was free and easy but it meant the world to me!

I have to edit this post to add this fun picture! They made their own See-Saw!

Wild Family Facebook page 🌸



  1. Love!

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  2. How wonderful that you get to share these experiences while so far apart!

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