Just a walk around the block

Even a simple walk down the street can be adventurous and fun 😊

These three goofballs were bickering amongst themselves, so I suggested a walk… Which they eagerly agreed to!

As soon as we started walking they started finding things to show me… And hold!

Eli was the most animated about his discoveries! From a stick that looked like a pocket knife to the pine cones he collected for the others, each item was amazing!

Andre looked carefully to find the unusual – and he did a good job of that! From a giant mushroom, “cool” bark, and  an…

…Easter egg obviously from last year!

Simone looked for the beauty outside!

I did fail at my job of holding everything, though, and I dropped the Buttonball (Sycamore tree seed)! It was neat to see it fall into a million little pieces!

I was way excited to find my treasure! Simone was afraid to pick it up because she thought it was dog poop! LOL – but then she realized what it was…

We do need to figure out, though,  if it’s a cocoon or a chrysalis.

Here I am loaded down with all the goodies found-

I really need about 4 more arms! LOL!!

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  1. Love it! You have beautiful children. A nice day outdoors is always refreshing. Blessings.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. lfish64

    My 5 children are all grown. Cherish your memories with your family when they are young. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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