Playing Wild Kids

My kid have been playing Wild Kids for several years now. Wild Kids is basically Little House on the Prairre meets Boxcar Children!

They have always enjoyed building homes around and in the trees.

Since they liked playing house outside so much, we bought a used plastic play housefrom my sister and fixed it up all cute!

Click here to see how we reused old pieces of furniture for the playhouse.

But do they ever play in it? NO!

Instead they make houses with their neighbor friend.  Half the fun is in creating and imagining!

What do kids need to play wild kids? 

Materials needed:

  1. Blankets (lots and lots)
  2. Pillows/cushions
  3. Large pieces of furniture 

Examples of things the kids use:

  1. Small trampoline
  2. Old metal shelves
  3. An old tire
  4. Large sticks/logs
  5. An unused dog house
  6. Bricks, wood, stones, old fencing
  7. Lawn chairs
  8. Candles (for older kids)
  9. Old pots and pans 
  10. Child’s picnic table

Need a fun and easy sewing project, click here to learn how to make a fire pillow!

The kids used to play with this fire pillow all the time… now they are old enough to use the fire pit and have small candles.

wild kids fire

Inside their homes.



And this is their clubhouse on the side of the house.

When the weather gets nicer, the kids usually start making wild salads and wild soup!

Click here to find out more about eating your backyard.

Beware of these salads, though, they taste mostly of wild onions which you MUST eat with a smile on your face 😳 (ranch helps πŸ˜‰)!

Wild Family Facebook page 🌸



  1. Love this. I want to play like this too.

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  2. Love it!

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  3. I wish my kids liked being outdoors! It’s cold in Minnesota but today it’s supposed to be 50 so we are gonna go for a walk. Otherwise my kids aren’t much for the outdoors except in summer. We try to enjoy that at least! Never heard of the wild kids before but I think my son would love it. We don’t have any neighbor kids his age though so he would be playing it by himself πŸ˜€

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    • Looks like your going to have to play Wild Kids with your son 😊 We are lucky that we live in an area with crazy weather – 70 degrees and snow in the same week kind of weather! I think the best way to get kids to like being outside is to go out with them everyday. I read this fabulous book called Raising a Wild Child by Scott Sampson that inspired me to changed our family’s habits!

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      • I hate winter. I just have no love for it because it literally hurts to live here. We want to move but we will see if that happens.

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      • I feel for you! ❄️ I am anti-snow and anti-winter too!

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  4. This is so true. My kids NEVER play in the adorable Victorian play house. In fact, they take out most of the dishes and play with them in the yard and driveway!

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  5. Wild is the best, Nature is wonderful. One of my favorite things as a kid was to explore the shale woods across from the house. You can pull a sizable poplar down the sit near the end like a seesaw…probably should never have admitted that. Now many years later I have a cabin in a hardwood forest. Nirvana! Keep it up, teaching a love of the natural environment will not be wasted.

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    • A cabin in the forest – Paradise for sure!! I’ll have them look for a fallen tree they can seesaw on – that will be fun, thanks for the suggestion!



  1. Vintage Camper turned Wild Kid Home | Becoming a Wild Family

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