A Preppers seminar and Eddie’s revised birthday wish!

First of all… “Bugging Out” has nothing to do with insects!

Second of all… Eddie can hardly wait for his birthday LOL!

So my friend’s husband gave a very interesting seminar on being prepared, otherwise known as PREPPING for an emergency. He discussed different scenarios from weather and power outages to riots and warfare.

  • Bugging Out is when you have to get out of your home and away from a hostile environment.
  • Bugging In is when you need to stay in your home and are unable to leave and go to the store.

When you bug out, you should have a bag that is already packed and ready to grab in an emergency. It is filled with survivalist things like a map, compass, water purifier, food, clothes, fishing wire, handbook, first aid supplies, knives, etc…

This brings us to Eddie’s birthday wishes! He saw all these amazing and useful things and  he hasn’t stopped talking what he wants!

1. A camo/army outfit with lots of pockets 

2. An awesome camping backpack

2. A compass like this one

3. A survival handbook (pocket size)

4. A waterbottle holder for your belt 

This was a great opportunity to realize all the things we don’t know but should!

The following list are skills I think my family should know because what good is being prepared if we don’t know how to use our tools!

They will help us in our journey in becoming a wild family because these skills are not only good in an emergency but also for hiking and camping!

How to:

  1. Use a compass
  2. Read different maps
  3. Purify water
  4. Make a fire
  5. Make a shelter
  6. Find wild food
  7. Tie knots
  8. Fish 
  9. First aid

*I’m sure there are more skills to be learned, but it’s a start!

Now to find teachers to teach us!!

Speaking of teachers, if you live in the Saint Louis/St. Peters area and are interested in classes like this one and/or classes about essential oils and how to use them, my friend is an excellent teacher! Like her FaceBook page Ferguson Essentials to get updates on future classes!


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