I have a plan: the 30/30 hike challange

I have a plan! Which is such a good feeling😊

I’m usually spontaneous and lack strict routine and schedule, but I typically have an idea for what I’m doing!

Except… We are becoming a wild family and I don’t really know how to do that!

I’m just as inexperienced as my kids are when it comes to knowing and understanding the WILD outdoors! It’s hard to be the teacher when you are also the student!

This is definitely a family adventure!

I do know what the end result should be! A great love and respect for nature, with hopefully lots of knowledge sprinkled in there too 😉

So… It’s scary for me to think about how to become a wild family.

And yet… Time and time again I’m presented with amazing opportunities that teach both me and my children at the same time!

See… Useless anxiety!

Our newest wild opportunity is in the form of a challenge given by the St. Louis County Parks and Recreation! It’s called 30/30 – 30 30minute hikes at 30 different parks!


I printed out the large area map with the different parks marked on it. I printed it in cardstock because after the hike, there will be a unique punch to mark that hike completed with!

Needless to say- I printed 5 maps… Each kid will want to punch their own! But, the cool think is, each person with a completed map will get a hiking badge 😊 – nice incentive!

I also printed off a map for each park! We will be able to pick a park by which maps are remaining… And remember my last fiasco with getting lost – not happening for these maps in hand – LOL!!

I am not only excited to have 30 different parks to explore – most of which I have NEVER been to, but I’m relieved to have a plan of outdoor adventures!

(Un)Homeschool flair….

I’m going to research the history of the park so I can incorporate community history into my discussions with the kids!

Wild Family Facebook page 🌸


  1. Aviva

    So cool! That sounds really fantastic to incorporate the history! You can also add science by adding the habitat/environment conversation. What creatures live there?

    What a beautiful gift you are giving to your family with all these experiences!

    Enjoying your world! Aviva (Our Funke Life)


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    • Definitely! I expect these hikes to be loaded with science, especially with the changing of the seasons! And we always journal about it afterwards. Thank you so much for commenting 😊


  2. I love this 30/30 idea; so cool, with the maps and punches!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, we are excited about it! The challenge is a great way to check out new parks! And the kids LOVED punching their maps. LOL!

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  1. Bella Fontaine Park | Becoming a Wild Family
  2. Yay! It’s the first day of spring! 🌸 | Becoming a Wild Family

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