Eagle watching at Pere Marquette

We went to the Pere Maquette State Park in Illinois to see Bald Eagles that have migrated from the North.

The boys wore their fishing vest I made them.

Eli was particularly happy that his vest was a bird!

Inside the visitor center is a large eagle’s nest replica!

The kids had fun pretending they were hungry chicks!

There was also a table with animal artifacts that the kids could pick up and handle.

Before we went sightseeing, there was an hour long presentation with a video that highlighted the lives of the Bald Eagle!

Somethings we learned:

1. Bald Eagles are the national bird – even though Ben Franklin wanted it to be the turkey!

2. A bald eagle’s egg is not much bigger than a chicken egg.

The egg on the left is a chicken egg while the one in the right is an eagle egg.

3. Raccoons are enemies to bald eagles!

They can climb up to eagle nests and eat unattended eggs and chicks!

An Eagle’s talons are sharp and powerful!

4. Eagles can dive up to 100 mph!

5. They don’t get their white feathers on their head and tail until they are over 4 years old!

This stuffed eagle died because he was electrocuted by power lines 😦

After the very educational presentation, we caravaned around to different parks and reserves to see Bald Eagles in the WILD!

We even got to take a ferry across the river.


We saw about a dozen Bald eagles today!

Normally there would be dozens of bald eagles in each spot that we stopped at but because of the mild winter this year, the eagles weren’t forced to migrate down the river in search of food! Normally the rivers would ice over, making fishing impossible.  The eagles fly south to the where the there is plenty of food!

We saw two eagle nests! They are HUGE! Very few eagles nest here – most go north! You can see the sheer size of the nest in this picture!

If you zoom into this picture you can see two eagles perched on a tree!

One elegant bald eagle flying high!

It wasn’t easy to get a good picture of these amazing creatures… But seeing them in real life was such a WILD experience ❤️

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  1. Sounds like a great field trip! Love the pictures!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you! It was amazing!! It’s awesome that we have these incredible birds in our “backyard”!!


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