Sunday was filled with outdoor adventures!

1. We went to our neighborhood park… and allowed the children to ride their bikes without us! We were walking our dog substantially slower than they were riding. They couldn’t believe their luck!

After the walk, their dad rode the bikes home with the kids (while I drove). Again this is unusual for us because I fear street riding!

2. We flew a giant tiger kite at the park!

3. Andre had collected a large pocketful of acorns. When we got home, he started drawing faces on them… he even shared some acorns with his little brother, Eli!

4. Our tree swing finally had the last swing… The rope broke when Simone jumped on it!

5.  We went on an evening guided tour of our local Conservation area.

The younger boys couldn’t help but pick up sticks and poke the mud… the entire time!

I think the leaders were a little frustrated with them falling behind and walking in the mud, but I just assured them that you can’t rush children in nature!

I did keep them quiet, though, so we heard ducks, red winged blackbirds, coyotes, and possibly frogs. We even saw a swan flying overhead!

It was fun to see the sunset!

I consider outings like this to be minidates with my husband ❤️❤️


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